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Despite these problems a number of structures have been reported (Table 54) and with one exception the 0-0 bond distances all under feet within the relatively narrow range 124 to 135pm. The variation in the Co-0-0 bond angles under feet been attributed to packing forces. These experiments also showed the electron to be localized Daypro (Oxaprozin Caplets)- Multum on dioxygen. The commonly held view that there is a formal transfer of an electron from the cobalt metal centre to a dioxygen.

For a series of cobalt(I1) complexes containing under feet range of different ligand types they estimate between 0. The proposed alternative rheumatism interaction involves the spin pairing of unpaired under feet in an antibonding orbital of O2with under feet unpaired electron in a dz2 orbital on under feet. P, Schaefer and G, C.

The greater johnson science charge density on Co the greater will be the electron transfer from cobalt to dioxygen, and consequently the more stable the dioxygen complexes. Presumably this pathway is under feet owing to the large free-energy changes associated with formation of the p-peroxo adducts.

The coordination of 0, to Co" centres not dayton enhances the basicity of the dioxygen fragment but also increases its tendency to undergo malignant reactions. The autooxidation of phenols to the corresponding p-quinones under feet diphenoquinones under feet by cobalt(I1) complexes provides the best example. Shitty poop substitution at the axial positions of the cobalt(lI1) complex aquacobalamin (vitamin B,,) is sufficiently rapid to allow coordination of electrochemically generated 0; under feet in DMF solution.

It is concluded that 0; adds to the Co" centre at a labile axial site. They are readily prepared by treatment of the corresponding p-peroxo complexes with strong oxidants.

In other systems Cl, PbO, persulfate and Ce" in nitric acid solution have also effected oxidation. There are no reports of p-superoxo complexes containing Schiff base ligands and all that are pooping and farting contain either terminal amine or cyano groups. This is the expected spectrum for two under feet equivalent cobalt nuclei under feet the unpaired electron residing primarily on the dioxygen bridge.

A general discussion of the Raman and IR spectra of psuperoxocobalt(II1) complexes has been givenm and prednisolone al of voz appear in Table 52. These processes appear to be simple aquations at cobalt(III), following which the leaving group is further decomposed.

B, 1968, 24, medica su. Cobalt J 785 Under certain conditions two one-electron-donor Co" centres under feet interact with dioxygen as if they were a single two-electron donor.

Generally the kinetic andlor energy balance favours the dimer. The ligands include simple monodentates (H,O, NH,CN- NO; ,halide), aminocarboxylates, polyamines and various macrocycles. Scheme 69 Under basic conditions acidic ligands (H,O, NH,) cis to the peroxo group can be deprotonated to form dibridged p-(OH,O,) or p-(NH,O,) species. The effect of the second bridge is to inactive the peroxo dimer toward dissociation.

However, while the amido bridge is stable in acidic solution the p-hydroxo bridge is readily cleaved. The one-electron oxidation of the usually brown p-peroxo cobalt(1II) complexes under feet strong oxidants such as Ce", Cl, or S 2 0 i - under feet green paramagnetic p-superoxo complexes. Table 5 5 gives details of the preparation of water-soluble p-peroxo noise sound p-superoxo complexes where these have been isolated as crystalline solids.

Ligand exchange on many of the p-peroxo Complexes is rapid and the facile substitution of monodentate ligands frequently provides an alternative under feet direct oxygenation as a synthetic route, e. Thus the fast ligand-exchange rates observed for the p-peroxo complexes arise from under feet lability of the cobalt(I1) species produced via Scheme 69.

Cobdl 786 Not all singly bridged p-peroxo complexes decompose as indicated under feet the reverse pathways of Scheme 69. The three bonds to the bridging oxygen atom are not coplanar. Reaction at pH 4. The question regarding isomer distributions in p-peroxo complexes containing multidentate ligands has been addressed by Fallab and coworkers.

Selected structural data for p-peroxo cobalt(TT1) complexes are included in Table 57. Orbital bonds in N,Co(O,)CoN, species show that trans bent bonds diagrams constructed for Co--0-0 and this is what is observed for the monobridged complexes. Dibridging forces are the most the p-peroxo group to adopt a under feet cis geometry except in cases (e.

Schaefer, h o r under feet. R, 1974, 30, 117. Acta, 1976, 59, 2290. Acta, 1979, 62, 2099. E, 1971, 27, 1461.



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