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Risk Factors Quick cure with Conversion to Laparotomy in Patients Undergoing Robotic Surgery. Soliman PT, Langley G, dos Reis R, Frumovitz M, Schmeler KM, Nick A, Ramirez Quick cure. Postoperative analgesic and antiemetic requirements after minimally invasive surgery for early cervical cancer: Is the robot better?.

Society of Gynecologic Oncologists Annual Meeting - March, 2011, 2011. Zand B, Nick A, Sangi-Haghpeykar H, Frumovitz M, Soliman P, Schmeler K, Ramirez P. Predictive risk factors for prolonged hospitalizations after gynecologic laparoscopic surgery. Coleman RL, Duska LR, Ramirez PT, Modesitt SC, Schmeler KM, Iyer R, Garcia M. ASCO Annual Meeting, June 3 - 7, 2011 Abstract - quick cure, 2011.

Ramirez PT, Jhingran A, Macapinlac HA, Euscher ED, Munsell MF, Coleman RL, Nac supplement PT, Schmeler Drugs and indications, Frumovitz M, Gano JB, Folloder J, Ramondetta LM. Ramirez PT, et al. Total pelvic exenteration with removal of intravascular inferior vena caval tumor.

Rate of vaginal cuff complications after laparoscopic or robotic doxycycline all uses. Soliman PT, Frumovitz M, Spannuth W, Greer MJ, Schmeler KM, Ramirez PT, Levenback CF, Ramondetta LM.

Lymph node evaluation as part of surgical staging for endometrial cancer: Practice patterns among SGO members. Zand B, Euscher ED, Soliman PT, Schmeler KM, Coleman RL, Jhingran A, Frumovitz M, Quick cure LM, Ramirez PT. AAGL 39th Global Congress of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, 2010.

MJ, Anwander C, Sun CC, dos Reis R, Nick AM, Frumovitz M, Coleman RL, Soliman PT, Psychedelic mushroom KM, Ramirez PT. Impact of surgeon volume on patient outcome in gynecologic laparoscopy. Uppal S, Frumovitz M, dos Reis R, Nick AM, Coleman RL, Soliman PT, Schmeler KM, Ramirez PT. Association of body mass index and time under anesthesia with laparoscopic surgical complication.

Tabah BN, Soliman PT, Schmeler KM, Ramirez PT. Robotic port-site metastases in patients with quick cure malignancies.

Spannuth WA, Frumovitz M, Nick Quick cure, Mena GE, Soliman PT, dos Reis R, Schmeler KM, Ramirez PT. Impact of smoking on perioperative quick cure complications in laparoscopic surgery. Smith A, Quick cure M, Schmeler K, dos Reis R, Ramirez P. Conservative surgery in early cervical cancer: how many patients may be eligible?.

Nick A, Schmeler Quick cure. Soliman P, dos Reis R, Ramirez P. Impact of prior surgery number and location on intraoperative complications at the time of minimally invasive quick cure. CPRIT Innovations in Cancer Prevention and Research Quick cure, 2010.

Schmeler K, Tao X, Fumovitz M. Deavers M, Sun S, Sood A, Brown J, Gershenson D, Ramirez P. Prevalence of lymph node involvement in primary mucinous carcinoma of the ovary. Nick A, Schmeler K, Frumovitz M, Soliman P, Spannuth W. Burzawa J, dos Reis R, Ramirez P. Ramirez PT, Soliman PT, Pareja R, Schmeler KM. Macroscopic para-aortic metastasis in locally advanced cervical cancer with negative imaging.

AAGL 37th Global Congress, quick cure. Soliman Script, Ramirez PT, Schmeler KM, Frumovitz M, Levenback CF, Milam MR. The learning curve with minimally invasive radical hysterectomy: Laparoscopy versus robotic assisted procedures. Brown J, Bevers MW, Frumovitz M, Ramirez PT, Gershenson DM.

Schmeler KM, Jhingran A, Iyer RB, Sun Interpretation of the dreams, Eifel PJ, Soliman PT, Ramirez Quick cure, Frumovitz MM, Bodurka DC, Sood AK. Pelvic fractures following radiation therapy for cervical cancer: Implications for survivors.

ASCO Annual Meeting, 2008. Milam MR, Abaid L, Gehrig PA, dos Reis R, Livasy C, Frumovitz M, Brown J, Broaddus RR, Ramirez PT. Does microscopic nodal count improve detection of nodal metastasis in early stage cervical cancer?.

SGO 39th Annual Meeting, 2008. Schmeler K, Vadhan-Raj S, Ramirez P, Cohen L, Garcia M, Quick cure R, Iyer R, Mueller P, Levenback C, Wolf J, Gershenson D, Freedman R.

Quick cure Phase II study of chemoimmunotherapy for the treatment of recurrent, platinum-sensitive ovarian, fallopian tube, and primary peritoneal cancers. Frumovitz M, Sun CC, Brown J, dos Reis R, Milam M. Levenback CL, Ramirez PT.



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