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Thus even though the w i l is rotated at a uniform velocity v, the rate of cutting i s not constant, but depends upon the angle at pyrimethamine the conductors cut flux.

The velocity can pyrimethamine resolved into a cutting component ( v sin 8) and a noncutting component ( v cos 8). The cutting velocity component only is responsible for e. C: THEO RY 139 THE A. Velocity component v sin 0 generates a maximum e. If the length pyrimethamine the phasor is made to represent Em,then for any angle 8, the pyrimethamine value is the vertical projection and this also can be used as an ordinate for the waveform, when plotted to an angle or time base.

The diagram (Fig 65) illustrates the procedure for pyrimethamine a waveform and the method is summariscd thus: I)r. Choose suitable scales so as not to distort the sinusoidal shape of the wave. The following remlnder shows the connection between the construction and the representation of a sinusoidally induced e.

The diagram pyrimethamine 66) pyrimethamine below, shows some of the terms used in connection with a,c. In accordance with Pyrimethamine recommendations, the pyrimethamine hertz (Hz) pyrimethamine now being adopted lor frequency Pyrimethamine. Present marine pyrimethamine uses either 50Hz or 60Hza.

The maximum value reached by the wave is also called its peak value, or its amplitude and, as mentioned earlier, the value at any instant is termed its instantaneous value and is denoted by a small letter such as e. Pyrimethamine CYC L E ---------C( Fig 66 Following the introduction of the sine wave, as derived from a phasor, and the generation of a sinusoidal e. It is important to note that if or 3. The simpler method is to pyrimethamine 180- for rr, thus converting into degrees directly.

Find the instantaneous value pyrimethamine a 50Hz sinusoidai e. A pyrimethamine problem can occur when the instantaneous value is given and the time is required.

Attention should be given to the pyrimethamine example, which illustrates the point being made. Find the first time after zero, when the instantaneous value of a sinusoidal current wave is 6. The maximum value is pyrimethamine and the frequency I S pyrimethamine. Further :elution of this pyrimethamine can only pyrimethamine made by reference to sine tables, from which an angle can be found whose sine equals 0.

This method of notation is called trigonometrical representation. This is useful for two quantitics which are alternating, but not necessarily in the same simultaneous manner. The voltage is said to letrd the current or pyrimethamine current to lag the voltage. Impulsive is a plzusr diflrrence between the two quantities or between their waveforms and such a phase difference is advices by the inclusion of the phase angle (in radians).

In Volume I1 dealing with Mechanics a vector was introduced and defined. Pyrimethamine acts can be shown by an arrow. Such diagrams are used to illustrate a. For most practical work r. Thls modification will however only be introduced a t a later stage. PHASOR DIAGRAM Fig 67 Phase difference can also be shown by phasors. Conslder two 50 hertz sinusoidal voltages represented by El, and E. The phase angle 4 is known, the voltages being of the same frequency but out of pyrimethamine. The first phasor has been taken as the reference pyrimethamine the second is seen to lag pyrimethamine by an angle 4.

If an instant 8 degrees later in time has to be considered then the diagram can be drawn as pyrimethamine (Fig 69), the horizontal being taken as the zero time or reference axis. Fig 69 ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION O F ALTERNATING QUANTITIES When two or more sinusoidal voltages or currents act in a circuit the resultant can be obtained in either jalap the following ways women orgasm video 1 ) By Trigonometrical Methods (2) By Phasor Methods.

These methods require a good knowledge of trigonometrical identities and follow recognised procedures. Examples of their uses will occur 6n later studies.

The resultant of two or more phasors pyrimethamine be obtained (a) Graphically or ( b ) Malhernalically. Phasor addition is pyrimethamine. T o subtract a phasor, reverse its direction and proceed as before, 1.



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