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Steelman LS, Neurontin 600 SC, Shelton JG, Franklin RA, Bertrand FE, Neurontin 600 JA. Hickey FB, England K, Cotter Neurontin 600. Bcr-Abl regulates osteopontin transcription via Ras, PI-3K, aPKC, Raf-1, and MEK. Neurontin 600 YM, Wong S, Lau G, Witte ON, Colicelli J. Buckle AM, Mottram R, Pierce A, et al.

The effect of Bcr-Abl protein tyrosine kinase on maturation and proliferation of primitive haematopoietic cells. The diversity of BCR-ABL fusion proteins and their relationship to leukemia phenotype.



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