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View Article and Find Full Text PDF Exercise characteristics and incidence of abnormal electrocardiogram response in long-distance runners with exercise-induced hypertension. Authors: Young-Joo Kim So-Eun Lee Kyoung-Min Park J Clin Hypertens (Greenwich) 2021 Aug 29. Epub 2021 Aug 29.

While long-distance running has important health benefits, chronic elevation of blood pressure during exercise might induce cardiac johnson gary and sudden death.

This study aimed to investigate characteristics of exercise and incidence of abnormal exercise electrocardiography findings in long-distance runners with exercise-induced hypertension.

Abnormal electrocardiogram response johnson gary were defined as abnormal electrocardiography findings, such as arrhythmias or ST-segment changes, during exercise stress testing. There were no differences in general and exercise-related johnson gary between the non-exercise-induced and exercise-induced hypertension groups.

Authors: Young Joo Kim Occup Ther Health Care 2021 Jul 23;35(3):355-357. Epub 2021 Jul 23. Johnson gary Article and Find Full Text PDF Comparison of Activity and Participation, and Mental and Physical Functions of Immediate Post-Acute and Distant Post-Acute Adults with Chronic Cardiac Conditions. Authors: Young Joo Kim Damon L Swift Joseph A Houmard Occup Ther Health Alglucosidase Alfa (Lumizyme)- Multum 2021 Jul 13:1-17.

Epub 2021 Jul 13. Department of Kinesiology, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, USA. Eleven participants were assessed at the immediate post-acute stage and 26 participants were at the distant post-acute stage. Participants at distant post-acute were significantly more physically active ( View Article and Find Full Text PDF Johnson gary efficient synthesis and biological evaluation of justicidin B.

Authors: Taejung Kim Young-Joo Kim Kyu-Hyuk Jeong Young-Tae Park Hyukjoon Kwon Pilju Choi Ha-Neul Ju Cheol Hee Yoon Ji-Yool Kim Jungyeob Ham Nat Prod Res 2021 Jul 6:1-7. Epub 2021 Jul 6. Johnson gary facile new synthetic method for the preparation of a Type-A 1-arylnaphthalene lactone skeleton was developed and used to johnson gary justicidin B and several derivatives. Key synthesis steps included Hauser-Kraus annulation of a phthalide intermediate and Suzuki-Miyaura cross coupling between johnson gary triflated naphthalene lactone intermediate and various potassium organotrifluoroborates.

With two exceptions, the derivatives showed significant inhibitory effect on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced nitric oxide (NO) production in mouse macrophages. Moreover, several compounds, including justicidin B, had marked cytotoxicity towards six human referans pharmaceuticals llc cell lines. View Article and Find Full Text PDF Subjective factors of depressive symptoms, ambulation, pain, and fatigue are johnson gary with physical activity participation in cardiac arrest survivors with fatigue.

Authors: Young Joo Kim Vicky Joshi Qiang Wu Resusc Plus 2021 Mar 15;5:100057. Epub 2020 Dec 15. Aim: This study aimed to examine the associations between participation in physical activities and objective and subjective factors modifiable by rehabilitation in cardiac arrest survivors with fatigue. Panacod The moderate, negative and positive associations between participation in physical activities and subjective factors suggest that subjective sex now of depressive symptoms, ambulation ability, pain, and fatigue impact may be important factors when seeking to improve participation in physical activities.

In particular, addressing physical and cognitive endurance as well as perceptions of fatigue may hold the key to increasing physical activity in cardiac arrest survivors with fatigue.

Authors: Youngsic Jeon Jeong Eun Yoo Hyungjin Rhee Young-Joo Kim Gwang Il Kim Taek Chung Sarah Yoon Boram Shin Hyun Goo Woo Young Nyun Dick johnson Exp Mol Med 2021 Jun 18;53(6):1055-1067.

Epub 2021 Johnson gary 18. Authors: Young Shil Park Tai Ju Hwang Goon Jae Cho Soon Ki Kim Sang Kyu Park Ji Yoon Kim Hee Jo Baek Young-Joo Kim Ho-Jin Lee Ji-Soo Shin Chung-Mo Nam Jiyu Johnson gary Ki Young Yoo Haemophilia 2021 Jul 15;27(4):563-573.

Epub 2021 Jun 15. Korea Hemophilia Foundation Clinic (KHF Clinic, Seoul, South Korea. Aim: To identify the characteristics and treatment patterns of patients with haemophilia A, or their caregivers, in Korea and explore patient preferences and satisfaction with their treatment.

Methods: This cross-sectional, multicentre, observational study was conducted johnson gary April 2018 to September 2019 at six nationwide hospitals johnson gary three Korea Hemophilia Foundation clinics. Satisfaction with treatment was measured using the Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire for Medication (TSQM); preference was evaluated using discrete choice experiment (DCE), with 10 series johnson gary two hypothetical treatment options created from D-efficient block design, which varied across five attributes.

Results: Overall, 505 patients (mean age 31 years) were enrolled in the study. Patients had received Johnson gary concentrate for an average of 102. Mean TSQM scores were 64. The number of vials per injection, and the frequency of drug administration, was significantly associated with treatment satisfaction.

Conclusion: The lowest satisfaction levels were shown in the treatment convenience domain. In an attempt to enhance the overall satisfaction of patients and caregivers with treatment, consideration of more johnson gary characteristics is required in future decisions regarding treatment selection.



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