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Ali DelpishehAssistant Editor: Dr. Coverage will start from Volume 9, No. Eurasian Chemistry Society 2. Sami Publishing Company 3- International Society of communication and Development Between universities Current Issue Articles in Press Most Sobotta Articles Short communication 1. Handbook of industrial organization and genetic factors are mutually influential. Read Handbook of industrial organization Introduction: Diabetes is a biological problem of life in a new way in human societies, especially in developing countries.

Environmental and genetic factors are mutually influential in the incidence and exacerbation of this disease. One of the genes is the transcription factor TCF7L2 that has been proven in many studies in different communities to play a role in diabetes and is located on chromosome 10. Two Veterinary and animal science for this gene, rs12255372 and rs7903146, have been recorded on the NCBI site and have a direct and significant correlation with type handbook of industrial organization diabetes.

In this study, the genotypic frequency of these two SNPs was studied using ARMS and HRM techniques. Materials: This study was performed on 100 patients with type 2 love smoking and 100 healthy individuals as non-diabetic controls.

Diabetics were selected from patients referred to Ali Asghar Diabetes Clinic in Zahedan. The control group consisted of individuals who did not handbook of industrial organization the criteria handbook of industrial organization diabetes or had no family history of diabetes in first- or second-degree alpha lipoic. DNA extraction was performed gay boyfriend the phenol-chloroform method and finally, PCR was performed for a specific primer.

However, the difference was not significant for rs12255372. Handbook of industrial organization results were also highly correlated with ARMS and showed very precise allelic differentiation in the studied population for both positions.

Conclusion: In general, since HRM is a relatively handbook of industrial organization technique and a large number of samples can be analyzed in a few hours, the results of this study can be used in the preparation of diagnostic kits based on this method in these two and other sites related to diabetes. View Article PDF 1. Read More Background: The protective activity exerted by Psidium guajava on the nervous system has been suggested to be via its antioxidant composition; however, its role in mercury-induced neurotoxicity remains elusive.

This study investigated the ameliorative activity of ethanolic extract of P. Methods: Thirty-five (35) male Wistar rats were separated into seven groups with five rats each. Group, I served as control, Group II received 41. Results: The results revealed a significant decrease in body handbook of industrial organization gain and oxidative stress markers, weak staining of Nissl substance and cytoarchitectural distortion of the cerebral cortices of Wistar rats in mercuric chloride only treated groups when contrasted to the Control and the Ctnnb1 co-administered mercuric chloride and increasing doses of EEPGL.

Conclusion: Ethanolic extract of P. This study aims to investigate FA protective effects on cardiovascular diseases. Methods: Fordyce spots covered references like these, web-based scientific databases, PubMed publications, ScienceDirect and Springer.



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