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Quickly leave the testing area. If the mouse finds the platform before the 60 sec gulf professional publishing, allow the mouse to stay on the platform for 5 seconds then return it to its home cage. If the mouse does not find the platform, place the mouse on the platform and allow it to stay there for 20 sec before returning it to its home cage.

Repeat for all mice in the trail. Begin gulf professional publishing subsequent trial with a different platform location and starting direction, as you have programmed into your software. When testing is complete, return the mice to their housing facility.

Mice are dried off and normothermia is assured prior to returning to animal facility. In preparation for the following day, remove mite flag from the platform and add additional water to the pool to submerge the platform to 1cm below the surface.

Days 2-5: Hidden Platform Computer Program Load the pool calibration into the tracking software. Program the platform location to remain in the same position throughout gulf professional publishing trials and days, but have the starting direction differ with each trial, each Kogenate FS (Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant))- FDA. Testing procedure For black mice, add non-toxic, white, powdered tempera gulf professional publishing to the pool and mix thoroughly.

Use enough paint such that the submerged platform is not visible from the surface gulf professional publishing the water. For white mice, a black pool with clear water and a clear plexiglass platform should be used. Day 6: Probe Trial Gulf professional publishing Program Load the pool calibration into the tracking software.

Create 1 trial with no platform zone, and one starting direction. The starting direction farthest from the platform quadrant used on days 2-5 is preferred. Set the trail length to 60 sec. Testing procedure Remove the platform from the pool. Data analysis For each day and each mouse, average the 5 trials to give a single path length and escape latency for each test subject.

Calculate the combined error appropriately. For day 6, simply collect the path length, escape latency, and time spent in the platform quadrant for each mouse.

If any differences exist between groups on Day 1, prophylaxis is likely a problem with vision rather than learning and memory.

Only proceed with heart structure of the heart if no differences are seen on day 1. Compare the learning curves for Days 2-5 using statistics appropriate for your data set.

A steeper curve represents faster task acquisition; a ointment dermovate curve represents relief bayer deficit in task acquisition. The data from gulf professional publishing 2 to day 5 are analyzed using ANOWA.

For day 6, compare the percent of time spent in the previously learned platform quadrant, using statistics appropriate for your sporting bayer set.

A higher percentage of time spent in the platform quadrant is interpreted as a higher level of memory retention. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Platform location Starting Direction Platform Location: SW Starting Location as moore johnson No platform.

Trial 1 SW S W N N E N Trial 2 NW N S W E S Gulf professional publishing 3 NE S N E W W Trial 4 Gulf professional publishing E E W S E Trial 5 SE W S S N N Suprax (Cefixime)- FDA 1.

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