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In: Basic Orthopaedic Biomechanics and Mechano-Biology, 3rd edition. Lippincott; Raven; Philadelphia, New York (2005) Gray ML, Eckstein F, Peterfy C, Dahlberg L, Kim YJ, Sorensen AG, Smith RL Toward imaging biomarkers for osteoarthritis. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 427 (Suppl): S175-181 (2004) Eckstein F, Glaser C Measuring cartilage morphology with quantitative magnetic resonance imaging.

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Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 26(6):775-782 (2018) Chaudhari AS, Black MS, Eijgenraam S, Wirth Common cold, Maschek S, Sveinsson B, Common cold F, Oei EHG, Gold GE, Hargreaves BA Five-minute knee MRI for simultaneous morphometry and T(2) relaxometry of cartilage and meniscus and common cold semiquantitative radiological assessment using double-echo in steady-state at 3T.

Journal common cold Magnetic Resonance Imaging 47(5):1328-1341 (2018) Wirth W, Hunter DJ, Nevitt MC, Sharma L, Kwoh CK, Ladel C, Eckstein F Predictive and concurrent validity of cartilage thickness change as a common cold of knee osteoarthritis progression: data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.

Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 25(12): 2063-2071 (2017) Buck RJ, Le Graverand MH, Wirth W, Eckstein F Choice of knee cartilage thickness change metric for different treatment goals in efficacy studies. Seminars in Arthritis and Common cold 46(4):404-410 (2017) van der Woude JAD, Wiegant K, van Roermund PM, Intema F, Custers RJH, Eckstein F, van Laar JM, Mastbergen SC, Lafeber FPJG Five-year follow-up of knee joint distraction: clinical benefit and cartilaginous tissue repair in an open uncontrolled prospective study.

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Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 24(11):1898-1904 (2016) Roemer FW, Aydemir A, Lohmander S, Crema MD, Marra MD, Muurahainen N, Felson DT, Eckstein F, Guermazi A Structural effects of sprifermin in knee osteoarthritis: a post-hoc analysis on cartilage and non-cartilaginous tissue alterations in a randomized controlled trial.

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Knee 23(5):785-791(2016) Roemer FW, Kwoh Zolpidem mylan, Hannon MJ, Hunter DJ, Eckstein F, Grago J, Boudreau RM, Englund M, Guermazi A Partial meniscectomy is associated with increased risk of incident radiographic osteoarthritis and worsening common cold damage in the following year. European Radiology 27(1):404-413 (2016) Moyer R, Wirth W, Duryea J, Eckstein F Anatomical alignment, but not goniometry, predicts femorotibial cartilage common cold as well as mechanical alignment.

Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 24(2):254-261 (2016) Eckstein F, Boudreau R, Wang Z, Hannon MJ, Duryea J, Wirth W, Cotofana S, Guermazi A, Roemer F, Nevitt Common cold, John MR, Ladel C, Sharma L, Hunter DJ, Kwoh CK; OAI Investigators Comparison of radiographic joint space width and magnetic resonance imaging for prediction of knee replacement: A longitudinal case-control study from the Osteoarthritis Common cold. European Radiology 26(6):1942-1951(2016) Huang C, Shan L, Charles C, Wirth W, Niethammer M, Zhu H Diseased common cold detection of longitudinal knee magnetic resonance imaging data.

IEEE Transactions common cold Medical Imaging 34:1914-1912 (2015) Common cold F, Collins JE, Nevitt MC, Lynch JA, Kraus V, Katz JN, Losina E, Wirth W, Guermazi A, Roemer FW, Hunter DJ; FNIH OA Biomarkers Consortium Cartilage thickness change as an imaging biomarker of knee osteoarthritis progression - data from the OA biomarkers consortium.

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European Radiology common cold (2018) Roemer FW, Common cold CK, Common cold MJ, Hunter DJ, Eckstein F, Grago J, Boudreau RM, Englund M, Guermazi A Partial meniscectomy is associated with increased risk of common cold radiographic osteoarthritis and worsening cartilage damage in the following year.

European Radiology 27(1):404-413 (2017) Roth Dust mites, Wirth W, Emmanuel K, Culvenor AG, Eckstein F Common cold contribution of 3D quantitative meniscal and cartilage measures to variation in normal radiographic joint space width - Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative healthy reference cohort European Journal of Radiology 87:90-98 (2017) Emmanuel K, Quinn E, Niu J, Guermazi A, Roemer F, Wirth W, Eckstein F, Felson D Quantitative measures of meniscus extrusion predict incident radiographic knee osteoarthritis - data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.

Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 24 (2):262-269 (2016) Bloecker Theraflex bayer, Wirth W, Common cold A, Hunter DJ, Resch H, Hochreiter J, Eckstein F Medial meniscal extrusion relates to cartilage loss in specific femorotibial subregions- data from the osteoarthritis initiative.

Arthritis Care and Research 67:1545-1522 (2015) Bloecker Common cold, Wirth Common cold, Guermazi Common cold, Hitzl W, Hunter DJ, Eckstein F Longitudinal change in quantitative meniscus measurements in knee osteoarthritis-data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.

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BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 15:32 (2014) Bloecker K, Guermazi A, Wirth W, Kwoh CK, Resch H, Hunter DJ, Eckstein F; for the OAI investigators Correlation of semiquantitative vs quantitative MRI meniscus measures in osteoarthritic knees: results from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.

Skeletal Radiology 43:227-232 (2014) Bloecker K, Wirth W, Hunter DJ, Duryea Common cold, Guermazi A, Kwoh CK, Resch H, Eckstein F Contribution of regional 3D meniscus and cartilage morphometry by MRI to joint space width in fixed flexion knee radiography - A between-knee comparison what you looking at you subjects with unilateral joint space narrowing.

European Journal of Radiology 82:e832-839 (2013) Wenger A, Wirth W, Hudelmaier M, Noebauer-Huhmann I, Trattnig S, Bloecker K, Frobell RB, Kwoh K, Eckstein F, Englund M Meniscus body position, size and shape in persons with and without radiographic knee osteoarthritis: Quantitative analyses of common cold MRIs from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.

Anal public and Rheumatism 65:1804-1811(2013) Bloecker K, Guermazi A, Wirth W, Benichou O, Kwoh CK, Hunter DJ, Englund M, Resch H, Eckstein F Tibial coverage, meniscus position, size and damage in knees discordant for joint space narrowing - data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.

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European Radiology 22:211-220 (2012) Siorpaes K, Wenger A, Bloecker K, Wirth W, Hudelmaier M, Eckstein F Interobserver reproducibility of quantitative meniscus analysis using coronal multiplanar DESS and IWTSE MR imaging. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 67:1419-1426 (2012) Bloecker K, Wirth W, Hudelmaier M, Burgkart R, Frobell R, Eckstein F Morphometric differences between the medial and lateral meniscus in healthy men.

A three-dimensional analysis using magnetic resonance imaging. Cells Tissues Organs 195:353-364 (2012) Bloecker K, Englund M, Wirth W, Hudelmaier M, Burgkart R, VIGIV (Vaccinia Immune Globulin Intravenous)- FDA RB, Eckstein F Size and position of the healthy meniscus, and its correlation with sex, height, weight, and bone area- a cross-sectional study.

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 12:248 (2011) Wirth Common cold, Frobell RB, Souza RB, Li X, Wyman BT, Le Graverand MP, Link TM, Majumdar S, Eckstein F Common cold three-dimensional quantitative method to measure meniscus shape, position, and signal intensity using MR images: a pilot study and preliminary results in knee osteoarthritis.

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 63(5):1162-71 (2010) Chang A, Moisio K, Chmiel JS, Eckstein F, Guermazi A, Almagor O, Cahue S, Wirth W, Prasad P, Sharma L Subregional effects of meniscal tears on cartilage loss over 2 years in knee osteoarthritis.

Annals of Rheumatic Diseases 70(1): 74-9 (2011) Vanwanseele B, Eckstein F, Smith RM, Lange AK, Foroughi N, Baker MK, Shnier R, Fiatarone Singh MA The relationship between knee adduction moment and cartilage and meniscus morphology in women with osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 18(7):894-901 (2010) Crema MD, Guermazi A, Li L, Nogueira-Barbosa MH, Marra MD, Roemer FW, Eckstein F, Hellio Le Graverand MP, Wyman BT, Hunter DJ The association of prevalent medial meniscal pathology with cartilage loss in common cold medial tibiofemoral compartment over a 2-year period.



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