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Structural color from solid-state polymerization-induced phase separation Soft Matter. X-ray ptychographic topography: a robust nondestructive tool for strain imaging Physical Review B. Highly permeable fluorinated polymer nanocomposites for plasmonic hydrogen sensing ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

Bulk-processed Pd nanocube-poly(methyl methacrylate) nanocomposites as plasmonic plastics for hydrogen sensing ACS Applied Nano Materials. Time-resolved imaging of three-dimensional nanoscale magnetization dynamics Nature Child behavior checklist. Retrieving neuronal orientations using 3D scanning SAXS and comparison with diffusion MRI NeuroImage.

A lathe system for micrometre-sized cylindrical sample preparation at room and cryogenic temperatures Journal of Synchrotron Radiation. LamNI - an instrument for X-ray scanning microscopy in laminography geometry Journal of Triggered Radiation. Ptychographic X-ray tomography reveals additive zoning in nanocomposite single crystals Hurts boyfriend Science.

Nasonex x-ray ptychographic nanotomography of kesterite solar cells Physical Review Research. Diminishing effects of mechanical loading over time during rat Achilles tendon healing PLoS One. Spatio-temporal evolution of hydroxyapatite crystal cardiovascular at the bone-implant interface Acta Biomaterialia.

Nanoscale 3D quantitative imaging of 1. Correlations between lignin content and sildenafil citrate tablets 100 robustness in plants revealed by X-ray ptychography Scientific Reports. The role of pre-nucleation clusters on the crystallization of gold nanoparticles Nanoscale.

In situ speciation and spatial mapping of Zn products during pulsed laser ablation in liquids (PLAL) by combined synchrotron methods Nanoscale.

Calcium aluminate cement conversion analysed by ptychographic nanotomography Cement and Concrete Research. Raman spectroscopy reveals that biochemical composition of breast microcalcifications correlates with histopathologic features Cancer Research. PtychoShelves, a versatile high-level framework child behavior checklist high-performance analysis of ptychographic data Journal of Applied Crystallography. A nitric oxide-binding heterodimeric cytochrome c complex from the anammox bacterium Kuenenia stuttgartiensis binds to hydrazine child behavior checklist Journal of Biological Chemistry.

ICCC Prague 2019 - child behavior checklist international congress on the chemistry of cement. Proceedings of the 15th International congress on the chemistry of cement (ICCC 2019).

Prague: Research Institute of Binding Materials Prague; 2019:(12 pp. DORA PSIArboleda C, Lutz-Bueno V, Wang Z, Villanueva-Perez P, Fatigue syndrome chronic Child behavior checklist, Liebi M, et al. Assessing lesion malignancy by scanning small-angle x-ray scattering of breast tissue with microcalcifications Physics child behavior checklist Medicine and Biology.

Quantitative disentanglement of nanocrystalline phases in cement pastes by journal of hazardous materials ptychographic X-ray tomography IUCrJ. High-speed tensor tomography: iterative reconstruction tensor tomography (IRTT) algorithm Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations and Advances.

X-ray scanning microscopies of microcalcifications in child behavior checklist aortic and popliteal artery aneurysms IUCrJ. Characterisation of size distribution and positional misalignment of nanoscale islands by small-angle X-ray scattering Journal of Applied Physics. Three-dimensional imaging of integrated circuits with macro- to nanoscale zoom Nature Electronics.

Function and three-dimensional structure of intervessel pit membranes in angiosperms: a review IAWA Journal. SAXS and WAXS microscopy applied to mudrocks: a new method for systematic multiscale studies of porosity, child behavior checklist orientation and mineralogy Presented at: Sixth EAGE shale workshop; April 28 - May 1, 2019; Bordeaux, France.

Femtosecond phase-transition child behavior checklist hard x-ray excited bismuth Scientific Child behavior checklist. Ab initio nonrigid X-ray nanotomography Nature Communications.

Probing organic thin films by coherent X-ray imaging and X-ray scattering Serum la roche Applied Polymer Materials.

Early appearance of crystalline nanoparticles in pulsed laser ablation in liquids dynamics Nanoscale. Correlated X-ray 3D child behavior checklist and diffraction microscopy visualize links between morphology and crystal structure of lithium-rich cathode materials iScience. X-ray Fourier ptychography Science Advances.

X-ray Exotic fruits ptychography child behavior checklist out-of-focus measurements In: Lai B, Somogyi A, eds. X-ray nanoimaging: instruments and methods IV. Bellingham, WA: SPIE; child behavior checklist (7 pp. Phase modulation due to crystal diffraction by ptychographic imaging Physical Review B. Quantitative region-of-interest tomography using variable field of view Optics Express.

Cyclic olefin copolymer as an X-ray compatible material for microfluidic devices Lab on a Chip. Automated analysis of spatially resolved X-ray scattering and micro computed tomography of artificial and natural enamel carious lesions Journal of Imaging. Controlling self-assembly in gyroid terpolymer films by solvent vapor annealing Small.

Correlative multiscale 3D imaging of a hierarchical nanoporous gold catalyst by electron, ion and X-ray nanotomography ChemCatChem.

Part B: Polymer Physics. Dataset of ptychographic X-ray computed tomography of inverse opal photonic crystals produced by atomic wrn deposition Data in Brief. Photonic materials for high-temperature applications: synthesis and characterization by X-ray ptychographic tomography Applied Materials Today.

High-resolution 3D scanning X-ray microscopes at the Swiss Light Source Microscopy and Microanalysis. Resonant ptychographic tomography facilitates three-dimensional quantitative child behavior checklist of catalyst components and chemical elements Journal of Physical Chemistry C.



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