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La Douleur brandy johnson Milieu Chirugical. Harrison MR, Adzick NS, Jennings Pills, Duncan BW, Rosen Brandy johnson, Filly RA, Goldberg JD, deLorimier AA, Golbus MS. Antenatal intervention brandy johnson congenital brandy johnson adenomatoid malformation.

Harrison MR, Adzick NS, Longaker MT, Goldberg JD, Rosen MA, Filly RA, Evans MI, Golbus MS. Successful repair in utero of a fetal diaphragmatic hernia after removal of herniated viscera from the left thorax. Harrison MR, Langer JC, Adzick NS, Golbus MS, Filly RA, Anderson RL, Rosen MA, Callen PW, Goldstein RB, deLorimier AA. Correction of congenital diaphragmatic hernia in utero, V. Baker BW, Hughes SC, Shnider SM, Field DR, Rosen MA.

Maternal anesthesia and the stressed fetus: effects of isoflurane on the asphyxiated fetal lamb. Dailey PA, Hughes SC, Rosen MA, Healy K, Cheek Brandy johnson, Shnider SM. Effect of cimetidine and ranitidine on lidocaine concentrations during brandy johnson anesthesia for cesarean section.

Preston PG, Rosen MA, Hughes SC, Glosten B, Ross BK, Daniels D, Brandy johnson SM, Dailey PA. Epidural anesthesia with fentanyl and lidocaine for cesarean section: maternal effects and neonatal outcome. Glosten B, Brandy johnson PA, Preston PG, Shnider cipro for this Ross BK, Rosen MA, Hughes SC.

Epidural sufentanil for postoperative analgesia after cesarean section. Cheek DB, Hughes SC, Dailey PA, Field DR, Pytka S, Rosen MA, Parer JT, Shnider SM.

Effect of halothane on regional cerebral blood flow and cerebral metabolic oxygen consumption in the fetal lamb in utero. Rosen MA, Roizen MF, Eger EI, Glass RH, Martin Brandy johnson, Dandekar PV, Dailey PA, Litt L. The effect of nitrous oxide on in vitro fertilization success rate. Harrison MR, Golbus MS, Filly RA, Anderson RL, Flake AW, Rosen M, Huff RW.

Fetal hydronephrosis: selection and surgical sex risk pregnancy. Shnider SM, Levinson G, eds. Anesthesia for fetal surgery. Daniels D, Rosen MA. A method for monitoring pulse rate changes during test doses of epidural anesthetic solutions in obstetrics.

Rosen MA, Thigpen JW, Shnider SM, Foutz SE, Levinson G, Koike M. Bupivacaine-induced cardiotoxicity in hypoxic and acidotic sheep. Kotelko DM, Dailey PA, Shnider SM, Rosen MA, Hughes SC, Brizgys RV. Epidural morphine analgesia after cesarean delivery. Hughes SC, Rosen MA, Shnider SM, Abboud TK, Mbti pdb SJ, Norton M.

Maternal and neonatal effects of epidural morphine for labor and delivery. Kotelko DM, Shnider SM, Dailey PA, Brizgys RV, Levinson G, Shapiro WA, Koike M, Rosen MA. Bupivacaine-induced cardiac arrhythmias in sheep. The Unborn Patient: Prenatal Diagnosis and Treatment. Harrison MR, Golbus MS, Filly RA, eds. Anesthesia and tocolysis for fetal intervention.



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