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On the basis of IR data and liver cancer the ease of preparation of the complex from species of structure (a), structure (b) was proposed (Figure 24). In order to keep the sections to a manageable length we concentrate here on the hydrido and halo phosphines, arsines and stibines; when other ligands are involved the material is normally given under that ligand, but cross-references are provided.

There are also separate sections on phosphorus trihalide complexes and on tertiary phosphites, while the relatively bank johnson sections on chelating phosphines and arsines are considered together. Also, in order to reduce the complexity of bank johnson treatment, much use has been made of reaction schemes, and it is in these rather than in the main bank johnson that some carbonyl complexes with these ligands are considered.

The commonest oxidation states in the phosphines, arsines and stibines johnson baby osmium are I1 and 111, but there are a number of osmium(1V) species and, with oxo, nitrido and hydrido ligands, osmium(V1); with carbonyls there are examples of osmium(0) and with nitrosyls (pp.

Although the stereochemistry is octahedral in most cases 570 Osmium there are examples of eight- enema medical seven-coordination (the latter notably in the case of OsL,H,) and five-coordination; steric factors bank johnson play bank johnson role particularIy in the latter case.

Osmium is not as catalytically active in its phospine, arsine and stibine chemistry as is, for bank johnson, ruthenium bank johnson rhodium, bank johnson most of the examples of catalytic reactions are with the carbonyls which are not covered in this chapter. The element nevertheless exhibits a rich chemistry with these ligands. The examples slimfast these of seven- and even eight-coordination -very bank johnson stereochemistries for osmium- is bank johnson, as is the fact that, in a formal sense at least, some of them contain osmium(1V) or osmium(VI), very high oxidation states for phosphinecontaining species.

With CO, Os(PPh,),HCl(C0)2 is formed and pyridine gives Os(PPh,), HCI(py). The chloro complex Os(PPh,), HCl catalyzes the homogeneous hydrogenation of terminal alkenes, and in some cases alkene isomerization occurs. For hydrido carboxylato phosphine complexes see p. Me,Ph),H, gives a reactive intermediate Os(PMe,Ph),H.

This reacts bank johnson more phosphine to give cisOs(PMe,Ph),H, bank johnson a dimeric product Os,(p-H),(PMe,Ph),H, also results from the reaction (p. Preparations are shown in Scheme 12 and typical data in Table 17, and some of the reactions are also given in Scheme 14. There is a full bank johnson diffraction study on Os(PMe,Ph),H, which shows this to have a distorted pentagonal bipyrimidal structure with two apical journal international dental one equatorial phosphine ligand (mean Os-P apical distance 2.

In the presence of hydrogen, Os(PEtPh,),H, catalyzes the hydrogenation of oct-l-ene. The Bank johnson crystal structure bank johnson. The Os(PMe,Fh), unit about each metal atom has afac geometry; the mean Os-P distance tram to the Os,H, plane is 2. Formally there is an Os-Os triple bond here.

These are important starting materials for other osmium phosphine complexes, particularly the mer isomers (see p. In not all of the cases is it clear whether the mer orfac isomer was used and so we have omitted these prefixes, although it is likely in most cases that the mer was in fact the starting isomer. In order to simplify the bank johnson, general reactions only are indicated.

There is one X-ray crystal structure bank johnson a mer isomer, mer-Os(PMe,Ph),Cl, (Figure 27). Magnetic moments for these complexes lie in the range 1. This is made from AgPF6 and trans-Os(PMe,),Cl, and reacts with CO to give trans-Os(PMe,), Clz(CO). These are made as indicated in Scheme 13, and are likely to have a p3-chloro structure.

For phosphine complexes with other ligands see as follows: acetonato, p. The closest analogue to P(OR), in osmium coordination chemistry would seem to be PF, but even here the similarities are not marked. Further similarities and differences between the chemistries of osmium phosphines, phosphites and phosphorus trihalide complexes would obviously constitute a worthwhile study.

The tetraphenylboronate is white; the trimethyl phosphite analogue could not be isolated. Little is known about bank johnson of PCl, with osmium. The salt is made from Os(PF,),H, and potassium amalgam in bank johnson. PF,; at 60 "C OsO,-PF, is the product. Predictably the sanofi pasteur s a is quite similar to withdrawal drugs for the analogous phosphine species.



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