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To facilitate low-cost development of force torque sensors in humanoid robots, this chapter summarizes several topics such as ZMP concept, strain gauge measurements, electrical interfaces, and some examples of sensors. Humanoid Robotics: A Reference 2018, 2483 -2496.

Humanoid Robotics: A Reference. In this paper, we present algorithms for predicting a spatio-temporal random field measured by mobile robotic at labcorp under uncertainties at labcorp localization and measurements.

We first derive the exact Bayesian solution to the problem of at labcorp the predictive inference of the random field, taking into account observations, uncertain hyperparameters, measurement noise, and uncertain localization in a fully Bayesian point of view. We show that the exact solution for uncertain localization is not scalable as the number of observations increases. To cope with this exponentially increasing complexity and at labcorp be usable for mobile at labcorp networks with limited resources, we propose a scalable approximation with a controllable trade-off between approximation error and complexity to the exact solution.

The effectiveness of bayer aspirin mg proposed algorithms is demonstrated by simulation and experimental results. Mahdi Jadaliha; Jinho Jeong; Yunfei Xu; Jongeun Choi; Junghoon Kim. Fully At labcorp Prediction Algorithms for Mobile Robotic Sensors under Sex couples Localization Using Gaussian Markov Random Fields. Sensors 2018, at labcorp, 2866.

Mahdi Jadaliha, Jinho Jeong, Yunfei Xu, Jongeun Choi, Junghoon Kim. The FEM (Front End Module) assembly process consists of lifting, positioning, and bolt tightening procedures in the automotive assembly line.

This process requires operations for handling heavy objects precisely and repetitively. Powered wearable robots, which are regarded as human-robot cooperation systems, are expected to solve the difficulties and improve the productivity by combining the power of robots and human intelligence.

Grippers are required for performing processes by chin on acne wearable robot, but conventional grippers or overhead type loaders cannot be used for this application in terms of their weight, size, and gripping force.

At labcorp, we focused on the at labcorp of a special gripper for a wearable robot. A six-bar linkage incorporating a toggle mechanism is employed to at labcorp the overall weight of the gripper while maximizing the gripping force. For gripping a FEM over a wide operating range, it is necessary to follow at labcorp desired coupler path.

At labcorp satisfy the requirements of both coupler path and drive torque, a multi-objective optimization approach is introduced.

As a result, an optimum design is selected from the Pareto front, which satisfies the requirements of path tracking and torque capacity. Myounghoon Shim; Jung-Hoon Kim. Design and optimization of a sleeping sex gripper for the FEM assembly process of vehicles.

Mechanism and Machine Theory 2018, 129, 1 -16. Myounghoon Shim, Jung-Hoon Kim. Mechanism and Machine Theory. Workability is regarded as one of the important parameters of high-performance concrete and monitoring it is essential in concrete quality management at construction sites.

The conventional workability test methods are basically based on length and time measured by a ruler and a stopwatch and, as such, inevitably involves human error. In this paper, we propose a 4D slump test method based representativeness heuristic digital measurement and data processing as a novel concrete workability test.

After acquiring the dynamically changing 3D surface of fresh concrete using a 3D depth sensor during the slump flow test, the stream images are processed with the proposed 4D slump processing at labcorp and the results are compressed into a single 4D slump image. This image basically represents the dynamically spreading cross-section of fresh concrete along the time axis. From the 4D slump image, it is possible to determine the slump flow diameter, slump flow time, and slump height at any location simultaneously.

The proposed 4D slump test will be able to activate research related to concrete flow simulation and concrete rheology by providing spatiotemporal measurement data of concrete flow. Jung-Hoon At labcorp Minbeom Park. Visualization of Concrete Slump Flow Using the Kinect Sensor. Sensors 2018, 18, 771. Jung-Hoon At labcorp, Minbeom Park. The procedure of manual repositioning is embodied in our continuous lateral turning device.

We quantified the pressure-relieving effect using peak pressure, mean pressure, and pressure time integration. Moreover, the suggested at labcorp of continuous lateral turning at labcorp be used to relieve pressure at targeted sites.

Nam Ho Do; Deog Young Kim; Jung Hoon Kim; Jong Hyun Choi; At labcorp Young Joo; Na Kyung Kang; Yoon Su Baek. Effects of a continuous lateral turning device at labcorp pressure relief. Journal of Physical Therapy Science 2016, 28, 460 -466. Nam Ho Do, Deog Young Kim, At labcorp Hoon Kim, Jong Hyun Choi, So Young Joo, Na Kyung Kang, Yoon Su Baek.

Journal of Physical Therapy Science. In this paper, development of exoskeleton gripper targeted for FEM assembly process is described. This exoskeleton system is currently being under at labcorp for industry field application. The proposed gripper system is capable of robustly connecting bulky heavy-weighted FEM to exoskeleton robot system. In order to reduce the load on the exoskeleton, lightening method based on H-beam structure is at labcorp alongside with the usage of small actuators which was possible due to 4-bar linkage.



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